World Circular Economy Forum – Aalto University side event

Combating climate change by circular economy and systemic change:
closing the material loops and creating new business possibilities
Ioncell fibre
Ioncell is an environmentally friendly process, developed at Aalto University and the University of Helsinki, that produces high-quality textile fibres from wood, recycled cotton or paper waste. Photo: Aleksi Poutanen / Aalto University

The 3rd World Circular Economy Forum will bring together around 2 000 key circular economy thinkers and doers from around the world. This year the forum will have a strong emphasis on the next era of the circular economy and scaling up the transition.

Aalto University is proud to host one of WCEF2019's side events, 5 June. In the seminar, experts and innovators reveal how closing the material loops can slow down the climate change and create new business possibilities. Topics vary from water systems, algae and nutrients to textiles, battery metals and systems perspective for reducing overconsumption.


  • Opening, Dean Kristiina Kruus, Aalto University, School of Chemical Engineering
  • Adjunct Professor Jonathan Trent NASA Scientist/Director UpCycle Systems: What does Mars exploration teach us about circularizing the food, water, and energy economy?
  • Dr. Mari Granström, Origin by Ocean: How to create value from an environmental the problem?
  • Professor Riku Vahala, Aalto University: Nitrogen cycle – nutrients from liquid waste
  • Professor Kirsi Niinimäki, Aalto University: Closing the material loop and transforming the fashion industry
  • Professor Mari Lundström, Aalto University:BatCircle - how to find solutions to the problems of battery recycling in the near future
  • Professor Lassi Linnanen, LUT: Systems perspective for reducing overconsumption

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