Welcome to BIWIC 2022!

We are glad to inform you that the 27th International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization (BIWIC 2022) will be held at Aalto University.
BIWIC in an international conference that brings researchers and engineers from academia and industry together to discuss latest discoveries and challenges in industrial crystallization.
Previous BIWIC events were organized in Germany, France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Finland, South Africa, South Korea, China and Thailand.

BIWIC 2022


In BIWIC 2022 circular economy and bioeconomy are a part of main themes where the role of industrial crystallization is expected to be of importance in future.


The topics of BIWIC 2022:

fundamentals of crystallization (solid-liquid equilibrium, nucleation, crystal growth, solid characterization),

advances in industrial crystallization and relevant applications (pharmaceutics, fine chemicals, metal and chemical recovery, biorefinery products),

monitoring and control of crystallization processes,

purification and separation by crystallization.


  1. Abstract submission        1 March 2022

  2. Full paper submission      15 May 2022

Please use BIWIC 2022 Abstract template attached below and send the abstract to [email protected] email address.



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