We Unite! Startups - Health and Wellness

Are you a startup in the EU and operating within the industries of health and wellness? Or maybe you are a curious researcher or student? Learn more about these two important areas.
We Unite! Startups - Health & Wellness takes place on 27 October, 2021

Join us in the thematic event "Health & Wellness" |"We Unite! Startups" 

 27 October at 12-14.30

Meet with experts, learn from startups that have come further and gain insight to trends. You will also have a chance to network with other startups and experts.

This event is part of the initiative “We Unite! Startups”.  We are a University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering and in collaboration with Tech Labs, Aalto Startup Center, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya and KTH we aim to bring together startups from Europe , and not only, to network and learn from each other. Until the end of the year and once a month a specific thematic will be presented through an interesting keynote. 

27 October - Health & Wellness

Agenda (starting at 12):

  1. Introduction 
  2. Motivational Speaker - Startup (founder to founder) - Luís Patrão (UpHill)
  3. Key-note Speaker - Health & Wellness Trends - Joana Feijó (Health Cluster Portugal)
  4. Round tables with experts 
  5. New funding opportunities Public vs Private
  6. Conclusion 

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What is Unite!? 

Unite! is one of the European University Alliances funded by the European Commission. Aalto University is a member of Unite! alliance together with 6 other high-level European technical universities.

Unite! will set a new model for a European virtual and physical inter-university campus. Unite! will connect engineering, science and technology with the grand challenges of society in co-creation by students, faculty and staff – providing skills for a new generation of European and global citizens.

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