Virtual writing retreat with Jess Kelley: summer series for Aalto doctoral students - FULL

A certified coach and writing trainer Jess Kelley will host Aalto doctoral students in a writing retreat online! We've got a structure, and activities to boost your mindfulness and productivity in writing.
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Writing retreat online series continues in June!

This structured writing retreat works for any kind of writing project and any kind of writer. We will use specific start and stop times for writing warmups, discussion, writing, exercise, and reflection on the session.

Our online sessions are short bursts over 6 different dates. This arrangement will help you make significant progress on your writing project, as well as learn new strategies and methods for tackling your writing tasks from the comfort of your home office.

We run our sessions in Zoom. The session facilitation language is English, but writing projects can be any language.

How to request a seat < Registration is FULL

  • The application for all doctoral students will open on 26 May 2020.
  • The number of participants is limited to 30. We will prioritize the applicants who can participate in all sessions.
  • We'll confirm your participation (if there's space) and invite you by calendar/email to Zoom space on the 1st of June 2020 after 16:00.

  • If you have not been selected (because the retreat sessions are full), you will be notified.
  • Portions of the Zoom session might be recorded. While participating, you agree to be video-recorded as a part of an event carried out within the Aalto University Materials Platform (or tell us to exclude you from the video!). We will use the recordings to analyze the content of the sessions and improve the upcoming service offerings, and then those recordings will be deleted.

Fill in the application form - Closed FULL

After being accepted to a session:

Prepare the essentials 

  • make sure you won't be disturbed during the session (as humanly possible)
  • Set up your laptop + charger
  • Install Zoom on your laptop
  • Test your audio and video in Zoom before the meeting
  • Collect notes and personal materials to help your writing
  • Fill up your water bottle or cup
  • Consider these nutritious snacks: Eat right and eat, write!

Get ready for the writing

  • Decide on a writing project
  • Do reading and other preparation in advance
  • Have notes, plans, outlines, etc. with you
  • Outline the structure of your paper/chapter/writing task
  • Download what you need, as the focus of the session is writing (not preparation of information for writing)
Zoom Quick Guide
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Certified coach Jess Kelley

Jess Kelley is a highly accomplished, Helsinki-based editor and language advisor with 15 years of experience working across a broad range of industries. She holds accreditation from the Institute of Professional Editors (Australia) and a coaching certification from Genius Coaching (USA).

Jess is a versatile language advisor who takes pride in being able to provide support and education to suit the diverse needs of her clients. As the facilitator of Helsinki Writing Retreat, she has undertaken training with Professor Rowena Murray, who has pioneered and developed the retreat model in the UK for the past 15 years.

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