UrbanSense: Developing 5G services & AR/VR

Urban Helsinki

We will discuss the thematic goals of pilot procurements and testbeds. Additionally, our partners will present concrete use cases, features and testing possibilities of 5G, also in augmented and virtual reality.
This free-of-charge event is intended for companies interested in using the 5G network in their business and producing new services and products for city dwellers.


Preliminary program

14:00 Coffee and buns (for those who have signed up)

14:15 UrbanSense introduction, University of Helsinki, Forum Virium Helsinki, Eero Jalo

14:30 Pilots and experiments, UrbanSense AR/VR Challenge, Forum Virium Helsinki, Eero Jalo

14:50 5G Edge Computing-Enhanced Augmented Reality, University of Helsinki, Dr. Xiang Su

15:20 AR/VR content production, Aalto University

15:40 NextG, Aalto University, Jose Costa Requena

16:00 Coffee and sandwich (for those who have signed up)

16:20–17:00 5G Empowering New Services, Nokia, Matti Keskinen

17:00–17:30 5G Use Case, Telia

Sign up here! (registration closed)


Forum Virium Helsinki and Aalto University jointly organize the event together with UrbanSense partners.

Forum Virium promotes urban 5G endeavors by purchasing new service pilots. This facilitates bold experiments.

UrbanSense is a collaboration between Forum Virium Helsinki, the University of Helsinki and the Economic Development Division of the City of Helsinki. UrbanSense is a part of the MegaSense program established by the University of Helsinki.

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