Travel Architecture on the Arctic Circle

By showcasing architectural concepts of buildings that save emissions and energy through material and land use, we are encouraged to live slowly in a sustainable way. Here, we present design projects by Master's students of architecture in Building Design Studio, Autumn 2020.
Interior garden: Helja Nieminen
Visualisation by Heljä Nieminen

Tourism is shifting globally in the age of climate crises. Mass tourism will decrease, and local travel destinations will become more important. Instead of flying somewhere for a weekend, people will stay longer when they travel. Lapland is becoming more important as a tourist destination because of its pure and untouchable nature. The architecture for tourism in the region should respect its fragile nature and adapt to its local cultural context.

The 2020 Building Design Studio course outcomes are showcased at Helsinki Design Week as part of Aalto's Designs for a Cooler Planet.

More information about the course

The exhibition showcases architectural concepts for an Arctic hotel and accommodation units in the Rovaniemi area on the Arctic circle. The proposals are for two different sites: Piiru and Nivankylä. The material of the buildings is mainly carbon-friendly wood. The volumes and amount of construction are reasonable and adapted to the conditions of Lapland nature and its landscape.

This course is a collaboration between Aalto University and Pokka Oy from Rovaniemi and the University of Lapland and is part of the education in the Master's programme of Architecture at Aalto

Working group

  • Pirjo Sanaksenaho, Maiju Suomi, Erkko Aarti and Heikki Viiri, Department of Architecture at Aalto University

  • Olavi Pokka, Aaro Lehtoniemi, Pokka Oy 

  • Soile VeijolaOuti Rantala, University of Lapland  

  • Student projects in the exhibition: Arvi Eskelinen, Elsa KangaspuntaMaria Karjalainen, Lauri Kärpänoja, Oskari Lumikari, Heljä Nieminen, Kaisa Riippi, Johanna Saarela 

The event is a part of Helsinki Design Week’s official festival programme and Year of Research-Based Knowledge. Aalto University is one of the EU's New European Bauhaus partners. 

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