Towards Net-Zero Shipping and Aviation

Resource-wise aviation and shipping are urgently needed to reduce consumption of natural resources and avoid greenhouse gas emissions. How to tackle this challenge and pursue the vision of resource-wise business? In a panel followed by a workshop, we explore the grand challenge of net-zero.
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Shipping containers. Photo by Teng Yuhong on Unsplash

The time for decarbonization is now. All sectors in society need to reduce emissions in the present to avoid the unintended consequences of climate change in the near future. 

Emissions of aviation and shipping have increased steadily over time. Right now solutions are needed to reach net-zero aviation and shipping, but this is not an easy task. As shipping and aviation steer towards low-carbon business, our T-Risk project ("Managing Transition Risks in Risk Bearing Value Chains") seeks to explore resource-wise transitions for global mobility and trade. We aim at advancing understanding of the way organizations build strategies, create new practices and innovate together towards net-zero shipping and aviation. 

The event includes:

  1. Expert Panel with Audience Q&A 14:00-15:00
  2. Student Workshop 15:15-17:00

Details and program below. The event links will be provided to registered participants.

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Aviation (Photo by Philip Myrtorp on Unsplash)
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In the panel discussion, we explore together with experts: What are the systemic and global implications of net-zero shipping and aviation? How could new governance or co-innovation approaches help in making different options more resource-wise?

22.9 at 14:00-15:00, online

Aviation and shipping industries have set goals to significantly reduce carbon emissions. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) aims at achieving carbon neutrality for aviation by 2050, and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) set a goal to halve shipping’s carbon footprint by 2050. Stakeholders can collaboratively generate implementable pathways to net-zero shipping and aviation. Collaboration potentially improves innovations and speeds up diffusion of novel technologies and practices.


  1. Opening
  2. Keynote Glen Peters, CICERO
  3. Panelist talks - Jussi Nikula (Conservation Advisor - WWF Finland), Hugo Stenberg (Sustainability Manager, Climate & Circular Economy - Neste), Panel speaker (tbc)
  4. Panel discussion and audience Q&A

Target audience: All interested in resource wisdom, decarbonization and transitions to low-carbon business. 

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We utilize resource wisdom as a lens to unpack the systemic risks of the transition to net-zero shipping and aviation. Using collective dialogue to generate solutions, we explore these risks to help evaluate multiple transition alternatives and construct implementable lines of action.

22.9 at 15:15-17:00, online (registration required)

We explore transitions to a low-carbon economy and their systemic risks. You will become familiar with user-friendly tools for generating future visions, learn more about them by applying to cases of net-zero shipping or aviation, and also learn about concrete corporate practices driving transitions. Further details are provided upon registration.

Program (to be updated)

  1. Introduction: Towards net-zero
  2. Team-based workshop: Resource-wise visions of the future for net-zero shipping (global transport of goods) and aviation (personal/business travel)
  3. Closing plenary: Learnings and key insights

Target audience: Students of any discipline and university, interested in sustainable business or in the shipping and aviation industries. 

Instructions for participation: Please register here. You will receive materials and details a few days prior to the workshop.

In case you have questions about the workshop and registration, please e-mail [email protected].

More about the T-Risk Research Project

Sustainability in Business (SUB) group awarded funding to research transition risks for low-carbon shipping and aviation

The newly funded T-Risk research project aims to shed light on transition risks in the maritime and aviation sectors, crucial for global trade and transportation.

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Managing transition risks

The effective management of transition risks is crucial for the resilience of businesses in global value chains.

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