Sustainability Through Entrepreneurship

Aalto Ventures Program helps the Aalto community create a sustainable future through entrepreneurship by solving problems related to Sustainable Development Goals. This exhibition showcases prototypes of sustainability solutions developed by the students during AVP’s Spring semester. 
Sustainability through entrepreneurship poster
Graphic design: Amy Gelera
Students presenting their course projects
Photo: Tommi Byman

Reaching Sustainable Development Goals with the help of startups, innovations and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Sustainability Through Entrepreneurship

Before the present predicament with the coronavirus, the world had been facing severe challenges regarding the wellbeing of the planet, the ecosystem and humanity. Many of these challenges have been codified by the United Nations into the Sustainable Development Goals, ranging from eradicating poverty to ensuring clean water and sanitation for everyone, from gender equality to the wellbeing of the ecosystem - both on land and underwater. The world has made tremendous advances toward many of the Sustainable Development Goals in recent years, and while the traditional NGO, government and corporation-led models can help us gradually make headway in that direction, there is also an accelerated alternative: startup ventures

The startup culture is one of the significant drivers of innovation in modern society. Startups challenge larger organizations by looking to solve problems that are under-serviced or can be serviced in a new way. Sometimes such fast-moving organizations can even disrupt entire markets. 

That’s why we believe that by supporting startups and entrepreneurial mindsets, we can directly affect solving climate crises, biodiversity crises, or resource crises and improve the wellbeing of any form of life via the solutions and startups that students and researchers create during their university time.

Student projects

These are the examples of our students’ works that you will be able to experience at the exhibition: 

RD Physics

RD Physics

Can a loudspeaker made from recycled components sound good? Visit the AVP exhibition area and try it yourself! RD Physics is displaying loudspeakers from their Circular Sound line-up and would love to hear your feedback. Tell us your thoughts and you can win one of the loudspeakers. 



We are building a location-based mobile game that incentivizes people to go outdoors and build habitats for various species in an engaging activity for the whole family. Not only are we connecting people with nature and parents with their children, but also supporting biodiversity with each new installed habitat. Nature is irreplaceable, so let’s take care of it, together.

Color Up Peace

Color Up Peace 

Color Up Peace is a peacebuilding startup that works at the intersection of art-making and technology to leverage artistic innovation as a peacebuilding tool. Color Up Peace was founded by Lisa Glybchenko in 2016 as her response to external aggression against her home country Ukraine. From a student initiative at the American University in Bulgaria, Color Up Peace has grown to have projects in Ukraine, Israel-Palestine and Kenya, as well as a special support program for Ukrainians who relocated to Finland during Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine. The idea behind Color Up Peace is to encourage participants to think about peace and what peace means to them; to create opportunities for sharing visions of peace through artistic and digital means; to foster dialogue through collective art-making; to challenge the abundance of violence-centered visuals in the media and popular culture; and to employ digital visual art-making as a peacebuilding tool. Color Up Peace invites people from all over the world to submit photos of what peace is to them which Lisa turns into coloring pages (by drawing each one by hand digitally) for others to engage with and transform the original vision of peace. This digital-artistic transformation is at the core of such Color Up Peace activities as international trainings, context-specific
workshops, virtual exhibitions, 8 coloring books, and a newly developed virtual workshop series to support people
affected by war – especially Ukrainians.

Student group presenting their entrepreneurial project
Photo: Tommi Byman

Anna Dementyeva

Incubation specialist
A group of students working on a presentation at Aalto Ventures Program

Aalto Ventures Program

The best way to predict the future is to build it. We teach students to build like an entrepreneur.

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