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Sustainability through entrepreneurship

We teach students to build like an entrepreneur.


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What is Aalto Ventures Program (AVP)?

Aalto Ventures Program is the entrepreneurship education program at Aalto University. At AVP, students work in multidisciplinary teams, do hands-on exercises and gain tools for building a better tomorrow, ready to be used either to construct a startup or to renovate an existing company from within. We teach students to build like an entrepreneur.

Anttoni Aniebonam, AVP Student from School of Business

AVP is focusing more on the actual development and concrete stuff compared to traditional courses. I got a lot of resources that I can use.

Anttoni Aniebonam, AVP Student from School of Business

Learn — Entrepreneurship education for all Aalto students

Students from all six schools of Aalto University are welcome to take AVP courses as electives and also opt for the Startup Minor.

AVP courses provide Aalto students with diverse steps into entrepreneurship.

Our courses cover important aspects of entrepreneurship, such as sustainability, leadership, design thinking, finance, innovation, start-ups, prototyping, storytelling and much more.

The courses are extremely hands-on and are taught by a wide network of educators: entrepreneurs, angels, VCs, executives and researchers. They will help you to build the capabilities for your career and for making the world a better place.

In our flagship course, Startup Experience, you'll learn all the necessary skills and experience what it's like to found and run a startup – without actually having to start a company. After the course, you will be better prepared to navigate the fast-paced and unpredictable commercial environment, or even become a founder yourself!

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Build — Putting what you've learned into practice

With an entrepreneurial mindset, the right tools, and by working together, we can change the world. 

The big problems facing our planet today — such as climate change, poverty, and inequality — are complex and severe, but they’re not unsolvable. Some of the best tools for solving big, complex problems are — and always have been — education, science, and research. They help us uncover new solutions, reach new frontiers, and see what was previously unseen.

However, even the most revolutionary new solutions won’t make much of an impact if they never leave the classroom or lab where they were developed. But they don’t have to stay there — we can help you take them out into the real world.

You don’t even need to have an idea or a team yet, we’ll help with both. What you need to have is an entrepreneurial mindset, and a strong urge to use it to make a positive change. Take what you know, form a team, and build something that makes you proud and the world better. We’ll give you wings — all you have to do is fly.

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