Supervision practices in doctoral studies and research

Info series for doctoral students every other week in the spring 2024 - arranged by Doctoral education services

Supervision is a central aspect of doctoral research and thesis work. How can you make the most of your supervision?

Due to the public transportation strikes, there is a possibility to join this info session via Zoom as well, see the details and link below in the event information.
Artworkd from Dipoli, dozens of drop-shaped blue glass artefacts
Dipoli Art Work by Renata Jakowleff

What are the roles and responsibilities of the supervising professor, thesis advisor and doctoral student? How to make the most of your supervision and how to prepare your supervision plan? What if you need to make changes to your supervision arrangements? How about handling challenging situations?

There will be a general presentation about the guidelines and instructions, and we will also hear personal experiences of supervision and advising from a professor and a doctoral researcher. Time will be reserved for discussion and questions too.

The presentation will be in English, but you can ask questions also in Finnish.

Manager Minna Söderqvist & Planning officer Tiina Kotti, Doctoral education services 
Professor Turkka Keinonen, Department of Design
Doctoral researcher Märt Vesinurm, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

No registration required, open to all doctoral students at Aalto University!

More information: [email protected] 

Supervision of doctoral studies

Supervision plan, roles and responsibilities, changes of supervision arrangements, research fields and supervising professors at Aalto University, other information and instructions

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Info session series for doctoral students

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