Summer of opportunities 2020

Are your plans for the summer open? Would you like to fill your summer with new opportunities, learn something new and perhaps make some money in the process? Join Aaltoes and Aalto Ventures Program on May 13 and ideate how to make the most of your summer!
Summer of opportunities info-event: Wed 13.5. 15:00 on Zoom

In response to the current quite exceptional situation Aaltoes and AVP have both created new alternatives for students of Aalto University in addition to traditional summer jobs or courses. The Ignite program organized by Aaltoes allows you to dive into the first steps of establishing a functioning business during the summer. You’ll get to improve your understanding in strategic lines and managing the bigger picture in a safe environment enabled by the financial support Aaltoes provides. AVP, in turn, has created a new entrepreneurial summer course, Kesäbuusti. On this 3-5 credit course you’ll learn to better understand your own competencies and how to utilize them to come up with new possibilities, or even employ yourself as an entrepreneur during the summer.

Aaltoes and AVP organize a joint event for both summer opportunities in Zoom on May 13 at 3 pm. If your summer is still open and you’re keen for new opportunities, join the event for more information, and pick the best way for you to fill your summer with solutions instead of problems!


Ignite is Aaltoes’ latest program, where students get to build a concrete start-up from scratch. During the ten-week summer program the participants develop and refine their idea step by step. When it comes to further refining the idea, the ball is in your court - you have a free hand concerning the development of the idea you have created. Aaltoes will support the participants by arranging webinars, providing different tools and offering financial aid for the teams. The program could be considered as an alternative summer job opportunity, where you have a chance to employ yourself, and through that to improve your skills in for example self-directioning, strategic understanding of an early-stage business and managing the bigger picture as a whole. Above all, you get to be your own boss and to focus your time and energy into creating and polishing an idea that truly inspires you. 

You don’t need to have a ready-made idea when applying for the program - interest in entrepreneurship and courage to candidly jump into trying something new make you a perfectly qualified applicant. Alternatively, you can go on to further refining a work started on a project course, or some other idea that you’ve already begun to outline. The program is completely free and can be completed in either English or Finnish. You can apply either alone or with a group of friends. 


Everyone is good at something for which someone else is willing to pay for—Kesäbuusti will help you find your own thing. Kesäbuusti is a brand-new summer course by Aalto Ventures Program, consisting of ten online meetings and taught in Finnish, which you can take either as a three or a five-credit version. During the course, which is partly based on peer learning, you will take control of your own summer, focus on recognizing your own key competencies and think about how you could use those competencies to create revenue as an entrepreneur. Additionally, you’ll learn how to easily and legally make money as a small business owner. However, attending the course doesn’t require you to set up your own business; it’s enough that you’re willing to learn more about entrepreneurship—and yourself.

Registration to Kesäbuusti is open in Oodi.


Both of the programs offer students an opportunity to hone and develop their skills, and to possibly create something new and contribute to the ongoing crisis as well.

Learn more at and and apply for the programs!

If you have questions about Ignite, hit us a message: [email protected]

You’re welcome to ask more about Kesäbuusti from AVP teachers:

Håkan Mitts: [email protected]
Heidi Mikkonen: [email protected]
Johannes Kaira: [email protected]

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