SUFI Sustainability in Filmmaking seminar

Sustainability in Filmmaking

The SUFI-seminar focuses on the relationship between audiovisual industry and sustainable development, as well as climate change.
During the afternoon, we hear presentations attempting to answer questions like: What is the environmental burden of film productions? Why is it important to take action on the matter (in Finland)? How big is the carbon footprint of a film production? What does "sustainable production" mean?

The seminar is organized as a part of Aalto University's multidisciplinary Sustainability in Filmmaking (SUFI) seed funding project.

The seminar is mainly aimed at MA-level film students (and environmental engineering students), but everybody in the university is welcome to attend.
The event is mainly held in Finnish. Our foreign guest speaker Tim Wagendorp (via Skype) is giving his presentation in English starting at 17:30.
If you are a English speaker interested in attending the seminar, please contact: [email protected]

More in finnish:

Kaisa "Kaika" Astikainen
Project worker/ SUFI seed funding project
mailto:[email protected]


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