Special Seminar: Emilia Oikarinen "Teaching and Research Intertwined"

This talk is arranged at the Department of Computer Science and it's open to everyone free-of-charge. The talk will take place at 14:00 in lecture room TU3, TUAS building.

Teaching and Research Intertwined

Emilia Oikarinen


In this talk, I first reflect upon my teaching and why I teach the way I teach. Throughout my career in academia, teaching and research have always been intertwined, and this is reflected in how my teacher identity has grown. I continue then by a brief introduction to my research, which expands to several areas under the artificial intelligence research. I also discuss how my research has been connected with my teaching. I end the talk by drafting my future vision for teaching connected to research.


Emilia Oikarinen works currently as postdoctoral researcher at Department of Computer Science at University of Helsinki.  She received her doctoral degree in Theoretical Computer Science from Helsinki University of Technology in 2008, and obtained Academy of Finland postdoctoral researcher project funding in 2011. She has worked as postdoc at University of Helsinki and Aalto University, and as specialist research scientist at Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. Her research spans across and connects several areas of AI research, including data mining, constraint-based reasoning, and computational argumentation. Currently she focuses on developing methodology for exploratory data analysis optimised for the use with humans.

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