Special Seminar: Dmitrii Pasechnik "Optimisation, Dimension Reduction, Representation Theory, Reproducibility"

This talk is arranged at the Department of Computer Science and it's open to everyone free-of-charge. The talk will take place at 13:00 in lecture room AS1, Maarintie 8.

Optimisation, Dimension Reduction, Representation Theory, Reproducibility

Dmitrii Pasechnik


Reducing the number of variables in optimisation problems is one of key approaches to reducing the problem to a manageable size, and often brings up important extra insights into the problem at hand.  There are settings where one can remove exponentially many variables. This is instrumental for packing problems, e.g. such that arise in error-correcting codes and other similar settings such as crossing numbers of networks and graphs.

We survey some of our results and ongoing work in this area, both theoretical and implemented in software.  Notably, in part it is work in computational group representation theory, and in part in semidefinite optimisation (a particular kind of nonlinear convex optimisation). Time allowing, we will touch upon questions of reliability and reproducibility of computer-aided theoretical results.


Dmitrii (Dima) Pasechnik obtained his PhD in pure mathematics in 1995 from the University of Western Australia, and has held a number of postdoctoral and research jobs in several universities in the Netherlands and Germany.  In 2006-2013 he was an Assistant Professor at the newly established Division of Mathematical Sciences of Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). In late 2013 he moved to Oxford, where he holds a research position at the CS Department, and tutors mathematics at Oxford's Pembroke College.

Dmitrii's research interests are in combinatorics, optimization, algebra, game theory, and in theory and practice of symbolic computing--he is involved in development of SageMath and GAP computer algebra systems, and is interested in reproducibility of mathematical computations and constructions.

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