Shaking up Tech 2020

Shaking up Tech virtual event inspires and encourages female high schools students to choose a career in technology. The event is open to everyone.
Shaking up Tech

The technology field offers many opportunities to have an impact on the world. Health technology, space science, sustainable development, mobile application design, and management roles in the business world!

Students graduate from Aalto University with dozens of different areas of specialisation. Technology professionals create the products and services of the future. The future is in the hands of us all!

Through the Shaking up Tech event, Aalto University’s schools of technology want to offer young women – who will soon be facing study and career choices – a new understanding of technology.

The goal is further to indicate that the young women have more than enough expertise and skills to study technology. The partners of the event include a range of businesses that share the same goal. Technology is the field of the future and there is already competition in the labour markets for competent women.

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Shakin up Tech, biomimeettinen silkki. Kuva: Mikko Raskinen.

Shaking up Tech brings hundreds of female students together to explore technology

Showcasing technologies ranging from spider silk stretching to VR trips through space and talks from inspiring speakers, the event made it clear that technology is for everyone.



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