SGT FAIR'24 - Stories from...

Join the SGT FAIR'24 and hear the stories from the five intercultural study projects carried out with partners in Zambia, Lesotho, Brazil, Mexico and Nepal! Student teams present the results, findings, challenges & learnings from the Aalto University's Sustainable Global Technologies (SGT) Studio course.

The following cases will be presented and discussed with students and mentors:

Mexico: Action Lab Mexico - Promoting the vitality and sustainable development of the Mayan community (w/ Universidad Modelo and TFK Programme by the Finnish National Agency for Education),

Brazil: Ponto de Encontro – enhancing the lives of Brazilian residents and Venezuelan refugees in Vila Jardim – (w/ UNHCR Brazil),

Lesotho: Raising awareness of the energy situation - (w/ University of Turku, National University of Lesotho, and the EDUCase Platform),

Zambia: Empowering Women in Mining - A Step Towards Inclusivity - (w/ UNIDO), and

Nepal: Farm to Fork in the Nepalese Hospitality Industry – (w/ EDUCase Platform).
Interview in the cafe in Nepal. Photo Jimin Hong.

SGT Programme

Sustainable Global Technologies (SGT), organized under Water and Environmental Engineering Master's Programme, is a multidisciplinary education program that focuses on sustainable technologies, urbanization and development, to contribute to environmental, cultural, and societal impacts in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

SGT Programme website
SGT15 Action Lab Mexico Group reflections on the field/photo by Jan Ahlstedt

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