SCENSLECO Final seminar – City crafting: visualisation as a tool for spatial policy

Do maps lie? How is halftone political? Is EU a cartographic illusion? Seminar's keynote speaker is Stefanie Dühr from the University of South Australia

Welcome to SCENSLECO research project's final seminar at Aalto University Töölö, Helsinki:

City crafting: visualisation as a tool for spatial policy

Keynote "Continuity and change Visual(ising) strategic spatial policy in Europe: questions for planning practice and research" by Stefanie Dühr, University of South Australia

'Visualising is a powerful instrument for strategic spatial policy. There is a pronounced need to break with traditional epistemological assumptions of a rational-scientific cartography in planning, and to prepare planners for future challenges arising from co-operation on informal spatial strategies. This requires planners to think ‘outside the box’, and to consider new ways for the appropriate cartographic representation of dynamic and relational aspects of nonbinding spatial policy at all levels of scale.'

Stefanie Dühr is Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of South Australia and the author of the acclaimed book “The Visual Language of Spatial Planning”. Previously she was Professor of European spatial planning systems at Radboud University, The Netherlands. Her research draws on planning, geography, cartography, policy science and governance studies. Most of her work is policy-oriented and qualitative, with a main focus on strategic spatial planning.

Also speaking:

  • Raine Mäntysalo
  • Helena Leino
  • Markus Laine
  • Alois Humer
  • Vesa Kanninen

SCENSLECO (Strategic spatial planning with momentum gaining scenario storytelling: legitimacy contested?) is an Academy of Finland funded research project by Aalto University and University of Tampere 2016-2019.

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