Re-imagining the Past exhibition Vol. 2 at Dipoli Gallery 11.3.-29.4.

The exhibition highlights favourites from Aalto University archives carefully selected by our community members.
Re-imagining the past vol.2 exhibition 11.3.-29.4. banner

Aalto University Archives is celebrating Aalto 10 with exhibition ‘Re-imagining the past 2’. Once again, we collaborated with the Aalto community by inviting Aalto alumni, professors, students and other associates to highlight their carefully selected favourites from the collections.

The exhibition brings forward a variety of themes and perspectives. Themes such as the fragility of digital media and the distinctions between handmade and digital form continue to fascinate even the younger generations. In a world full of digital tools and media, carefully crafted items or hand drawn designs have become art works themselves possessing new and sometimes even surprising meanings compared to their original purpose.

Aalto University Archives continues to preserve the past and the present, aiming to show the world our creative people and their innovative work both now and for the future generations to come. Aalto University Archives still has thousands of untold histories within its collections. Perhaps these stories might inspire new enthusiastic people to come and find them.

See the exhibition catalogue (pdf) below to read more about the exhibition.

Warmly welcome to the exhibition opening Wednesday 11.3.2020 4-6pm!

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Susanna Kokkinen, Manager, Records Management, Aalto University
Outi Turpeinen, Art coordinator, Aalto University


[email protected]

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Kuvassa on Otto Meurmanin tekemä mittauspiirustus ”Antiikin tyylimuotoja” vuodelta 1911. Piirroskuvassa on koristeellisia yksityiskohtia rakennusten seinistä ja pylväistä.

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Aalto has become the first Finnish university to digitise the majority of its theses from the 1960s onwards.

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