Putretti: the sustainable fertilizer exhibited at Designs for a Cooler Planet 2021

Putretti® is a new organic NPK-fertilizer that is produced from local material flows: compost and wood ash. It can be used for forest fertilization, in agriculture, soil improvement or landscaping.
Photo by Anne Kinnunen (2021)
Photo by Anne Kinnunen (2021)

An eco-friendly fertilizer

Putretti saves resources: physical, energy, emissions, time and human resources. The carbon footprint of Putretti is about 88% smaller than that of artificial fertilizers. The production process consumes fewer natural resources and less energy, while the amount of landfill waste is reduced. Putretti is produced from local materials, therefore reducing imports of fertilizers from abroad, ultimately improving Finland's self-sufficiency in fertilizers. 

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Photo by Anne Kinnunen (2021)

Nutrients from nature.

By using recycled fertilizers like Putretti, nutrients are circulated while saving natural resources and tackling climate change. The organic carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in Putretti enhance forest growth and carbon sequestration. Putretti offers a safer and more sustainable option for forest owners and forest management. Circular solutions, such as Putretti, create new jobs and business opportunities around the world.

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Olli Dahl

Hanna Vanhanen

Resource Wisdom - Designs for a Cooler Planet 2021

Helsinki Design Week 2021 has landed in Otaniemi, showcasing three paths to resource wisdom

Radical ideas and prototypes contributing to a resource-wise future. The exhibitions and online lectures are open to everyone, and they belong to the official Helsinki Design Week programme.

Better to Wear exhibition visual

Better to Wear

We get dressed each and every day: clothes protect us and help us express ourselves. We can dress better when we re-design the whole textile process from manufacturing to use to recycling.

Infinite materials theme visual

Infinite Materials

We need to radically cut our consumption of materials and energy by creating materials that are not just renewable but forever reusable.

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