Public lecture series: Internet Forum

How does digitalisation affect our everyday life, business, society and security? Join our public lectures to hear guest speakers from the industry and institutions discuss the hottest topics on digitalisation.
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Aalto University will organise a series of public lectures that will focus on the different aspects of digitalisation, with all of its possibilities and threats. The lectures are open to everyone free-of-charge and they can be followed online. Participation does not require signing up in advance. The lectures will be held in English.

You can join the lectures at Aalto University Otaniemi campus at Hall AS2/TU2, Maarintie 8, starting from September 17. Each lecture can also be viewed either via a live stream or at a later time online. Link to the online lectures:



All topics and guests

Tuesday 17 September at 17.15-19.00

The Digital University
Kati Hagros, Chief Digital Officer, Aalto University

Aalto University has set itself an ambitious goal: we aim to be an acknowledged European leader in digitalization research and practice by 2022. What does digitalization mean in university context? What have we learned on the way? What should be done in Finland to truly capture the opportunities of digitalization in the universities?

Digital Security
Jarno Limnéll, Professor of Practice, Aalto University 

The accelerating development of technology will significantly affect security and how to prepare for threats related to it. A comprehensive understanding and control of security is more and more amplified, with the digital and physical worlds understood as a whole. In the era of technology, even the responsibility of individuals and ethical questions are emphasized.

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Tuesday 24 September at 17.15-19.00

Digital Business
Sanna Pekari, Chief Digital Officer, Normet

There is only digital business in the future, but what is reality today in the traditional industries? Are we understanding the customer value creation fully? How to reduce reliance of the product and increase reliance on customer loyalty and subscription-based services? What role company management system has and should not have?

Fanfare for the Common Man
Topias Uotila, Senior Vice President, Managed Cloud, Nordcloud 

Progress and expansion of digital technologies seems to be making everyday life more abstract and thus more complex to understand. Will we see a point where the average citizen will no longer be able to cope with their normal life and understand what is happening in the world? We'll look at three possible future scenarios for the near future and discuss if we have a frightening or a bright future ahead of us.

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Tuesday 1 October at 17.15-19.00

Leadership in Digitalization
Marko Luhtala, Digital Expert, Ajantasalla

Digitalization and digital disruption have been hot topics for more than a decade - almost to the point of boredom. Yet, according to studies, only 16% of companies succeed in the digital transformation and achieve sustainable results. This is 50% worse success rate compared to "normal" transformation projects. Digitalization is no longer a technology problem but a leadership challenge. In his presentation Marko will discuss the common pitfalls and means to improve the success rate in the digitalization. He takes the viewpoint of the company's leadership team and shares his learnings from dozens of companies.

Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence and Finland
Aleksi Kopponen, Advisor of Digitalization, Ministry of Finance

The whole world is heading into a new age powered by artificial intelligence. Societies are already adapting cutting-edge technologies, such as machine learning, cognitive automation, and robotic process automation. The societies, that are able to adapt fast, win. Finland has been a global frontrunner in pushing its nation to the age of AI in a human-centric and ethical manner. In this presentation Aleksi will provide an overview from global perspective and discuss Finland’s ongoing initiatives in digitalization and AI.

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Tuesday 8 October at 17.15-19.00

Cyberdefence now and in the future
Catharina Candolin, Defence Command, Finland

This presentation talks about cyber defence, taking into consideration its relation to cyber security as a whole. The presentation will talk about the development of cyber defence and what the current role of the armed forces are, as well as briefly touch upon the role of NATO and EU. Finally, some future outlines will be drawn.

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Tuesday 29 October at 17.15-19.00

Digitalization - threats and opportunities
Mikko Vastela, CIO, Lähitapiola Group

Data Economy
Jyrki Suokas, Senior Lead, Sitra

Tuesday 12 November at 17.15-19.00

Digitalization - building strategies, products and services
Ville Kolehmainen, DK&A

Ville Kolehmainen is the co-founder of Dunning, Kruger & Associates, a digital agency that enables some of the world’s most respected brands - from Dolby Digital and TDK to Virgin Hyperloop One and Porche - turn their visions into well planned, crafted, tested, and executed digital products. It’s not enough for you to know your customers. It’s not enough to know your backlog. You won’t differentiate with hygiene. Tune in to Kolehmainen’s account of what kind of methods and work culture it takes to provide true innovation in a world that is changing at an exponential rate.

Digital business of Finnair
Katri Harra-Salonen, Digital Leader

Tuesday 26 November at 17.15-19.00

Digitalization - legal-technical-commercial perspective
Mika Huhtamäki, Suomen tilaajavastuu Oy

GDPR in a constantly digitalizing environment
Juha Oravala, GDPR Specialist, D-Fence Oy

Via GDPR the meaning of people’s privacy and usage of their personal data has come more and more important. How the personal data should be processed, what are the general data protection principals and the data controllers responsibilities?

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