Public Defence in the field of Management Science, Sheng Dai, M.Sc.

The title of the thesis is “Essays on Convex Regression and Frontier Estimation”
Aalto-yliopiston mustekynä ja matematiikan laskukaavoja. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Aino Huovio

Sheng Dai (M.Sc.) will defend the doctoral thesis in the field of Management Science

Essays on Convex Regression and Frontier Estimation

at the Aalto University School of Business on 7th October, 2022 at 12:00, Ekonominaukio 1, Hall U006.

Professor Mika Kortelainen     
Turku School of Economics
University of Turku

Custos (Chairperson):
Professor Pekka Malo
Aalto University School of Business, Espoo

The doctoral thesis can be found online at LINK
The thesis is publicly displayed online 10 days before the defence at LINK

More information:
Sheng Dai, M.Sc.
[email protected]
tel. +358 504670905

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