Check out the theme and program for the Aalto Alumni Weekend 2023 event below.
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In 2023, Aalto Alumni Weekend focused on the theme of shaping a sustainable future. The event included an opening and closing programme, along with seven thematic prgoram tracks from which you could create your own preferred combination. The event took place in the Undergraduate Centre (Otakaari 1, M door) at the Otaniemi campus. 

Keynote speakers were President of Aalto University Ilkka Niemelä, Minister of Science and Culture Sari Multala, Vice President on research and development of Neste Petri Lehmus, documentary director Emilia Hernesniemi and Member of Parliament Atte Harjanne. Each of them shared their perspective on building a sustainable future. Also Aalto University's alumni of the year 2023 were celebrated. The event was hosted by Mia Sirkiä, chairperson of the Aalto alumni network board.

Please see the full programme below. 

Program | Aalto Alumni Weekend 28.10.2023

Time Content

Opening programme

Opening words
President Ilkka Niemelä, Aalto University

The role of science and culture in shaping a sustainable future
Minister of Science and Culture Sari Multala

The next 100 years
Vice President, Research & Development, Petri Lehmus, Neste

Alumni of the year 2023 on stage


Lunch and program tracks

Lunch breaks are staggered, lunch at one's own expense. 

Program track presentations are either in English or in Finnish, please see Tracks and speakers page for further information. 

Seven program tracks

  1. Creative business / at 13–15.30 / hall U7
  2. Smart city / at 13–15.30 / hall U3
  3. Sustainable energy transition / at 12–13, 14–15.30 / hall U1
  4. Cyberspace & artificial intelligence / at 12.30–15.30 / hall U4
  5. Sustainable materials / at 13–15.30 / hall U5
  6. Wellbeing & healthcare / at 12–13, 14–15.30 / hall U6
  7. Enterprise Forum 2.0: Driving growth through entrepreneurship / at 13.30–15 / hall U2

Closing programme

Radical creativity 
Documentary director, co-founder of the clothing brand R/H Emilia Hernesniemi

In favor of a sustainable future
Member of Parliament Atte Harjanne

From 16:30

Campus tours and visits to K3 and Student Culture Museum 

Evening programme and after works by alumni associations at A Block mall restaurants and cafes, Taproom d20, Radisson Blue Bistro Ranta, Fat Lizard, Olarin Panimo, Smökki & Rantasauna 

Please see further details on Practical information page.

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Aalto Alumni Weekend

Aalto Alumni Weekend is the biggest alumni event of the year. Gain insights on shaping a sustainable future, reconnect with old friends and discover how the campus is evolving. 

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