Aalto Alumni Weekend 2023

Aalto Alumni Weekend, the biggest alumni event of the year, welcomed all Aalto University alumni on the Otaniemi campus on Saturday, 28.10.2023. About 1000 participants registered to connect with fellow alumni and explore ways of shaping a sustainable future.
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Where is the world heading? How do we as Aaltonians shape a sustainable future?

Aalto Alumni Weekend took place on Saturday, 28.10.2023. 

The event, which welcomed all graduates from Aalto University and its predecessor universities, as well as Aalto University Executive Education alumni, offered an engaging experience centered around new technologies, knowledge, art and design. 

In 2023, the event focused on the theme of shaping a sustainable future. Participants had the opportunity to join a memorable celebration of our community: gaining insights from industry experts and delving into topics, such as sustainable energy transition, creative business and growth, sustainable materials, smart cities, wellbeing and healthcare, cyberspace and artificial intelligence. 

Furthermore, participants could take part in a campus tour or organize a class reunion, reconnecting with familiar faces and making new connections. The central location of the event venue allowed participants witness the campus's transformation in Otaniemi. 

We are excited to welcome you back and join forces again in 2025 when Aalto turns 15 years! 

President Ilkka Niemelä to alumni: Together we are a force for change

Aalto Alumni Weekend brought together over 700 alumni.

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We are 100.000 strong alumni community. If you find your Aalto years have played a role in your current career, please consider donating. Together, we can reach new levels and accomplish great many things.

Join us in building a better future!

Aalto Alumni Weekend is a free-of-charge event. Donations are appreciated but voluntary.  

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Shaping a sustainable future

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