Pedagogical training open for all: Supporting student as an academic advisor (1 ECTS) in autumn 2022 and spring 2023

Welcome to strengthen your skills as an academic advisor at Aalto University.
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This course is open for all academic advisors at Aalto University. The course is piloted in the academic year 2022-23. There will be both school level implementations (autumn 2022) and one implementation for all academic advisors (spring 2023). 

The aim of this course is to reinforce your competence as an academic advisor at Aalto University. We will familiarize ourselves with theories of guidance, school level practices, software and tools that support advising as well as Aalto guidance services to both students and academic advisors. Additionally, we will reflect on our own role as academic advisors, the limits of our competence, and how the focus of guidance changes in different stages of studies. You will have an opportunity to reflect on your own approach to academic advising and receive and provide peer feedback. 

Who can participate?

You are welcome to join this course if you teach at Aalto University and your tasks include academic advising (especially with bachelor's and master's students). You can be in the beginning of your journey as an academic advisor or already have longer experience. 

It is compulsory to attend the contact teaching session of this 1 ECTS course, so please make sure you have time on the assigned date. Independent work (readings, reflective essay, peer feedback) is also required for a successful completion of the course. 1 ECTS credit equals about 27 hours of work.

There are no limitations in the number of course participants. 

Intended learning outcomes:

After the course, you 

  1. have received new tools and theories related to academic advising
  2. will recognize various areas of guidance and have reflected your own identity and role as an academic advisor
  3. have become familiar with Aalto level services related to guidance and learned the up-to date tools (Student Success Hub) in academic advising
  4. have provided and received peer feedback to support your academic advising 

Teacher-in-charge: Tuuli Asunmaa, specialist, guidance and student wellbeing ([email protected])

Language: English/Finnish

Prerequisite: NA


School specific schedules and enrollment links:

Please see the school specific training schedules and enrollment links below.

Academic advising

Academic advising is a part of advising system that covers the whole study path of the student. Attending academic advising is a part of studies.

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