Open lecture: Review of engineering education research with implications for teaching and learning on 13.10.2022

Welcome to an open lecture by visiting professor Aditya Johri, providing overview of research topics and methods in engineering education.
Professor Johri, from College of Engineering and Computing, George Mason University
Professor Aditya Johri, from College of Engineering and Computing, George Mason University,

Lecture abstract

The field of engineering education has a long history of applied research and has grown significantly within the past couple of decades. This talk will provide a brief overview of the field followed by a discussion of the major findings and their implications for teaching and learning. In addition, a framework with five major elements related to how people learn will be introduced. Lecture content can help guide teaching practices and provide examples of successful approaches, and is suitable for early and senior stage educators. 

About the guest lecturerProfessor Aditya Johri

Professor Johri, from College of Engineering and Computing, George Mason University, studies how the use of technology shapes learning in both formal and informal spaces, including the workplace, online communities, and extra-curricular activities. He publishes broadly in engineering and computing education, educational technology, and computer-supported collaborative work and learning. His research is supported primarily by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). Besides his background in engineering, Professor Johri received Ph.D. in Learning Sciences & Technology Design from Stanford University, and has been faculty at the Department of Engineering Education in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech. Among other awards, his Cambridge Handbook of Engineering Education Research (CHEER), co-edited with Barbara Olds, received the 2015 Best Book Publication Award from Division I of the American Educational Research Association. 

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