Online writing workshop with John Weston, 29.04.2020

The Materials Platform and John Weston from the Aalto Language Centre are organizing a full-day writing workshop for Aalto doctoral students. This workshop will allow you to move your English writing forward by brushing up on aspects of grammar and style, and by making progress with your latest chapter, conference abstract, personal statement, research summary... whatever you need.
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Working together online can feel good! It can be authentic, nourishing, and uplifting — and it’s also a really effective way of developing your writing. The workshop designed for Aalto University doctoral students who are enrolled in the 2019-2020 academic year.

This workshop is designed as a full-day event, so students should ideally attend from start to finish. Students are also welcome to drop in and out for different sessions if it’s not possible to attend the whole day — please see the schedule below.

How to prepare

To take part in the online writing workshop, you will need:

  • a desktop device / laptop / tablet on which you can comfortably write and with Zoom installed;
  • two or more locations in your home where you can use video calling, e.g., a dining table or office area; a kitchen counter or breakfast area; a lounge, balcony or garden;
  • a mobile device, e.g., a tablet or mobile phone with Zoom installed;
  • something to write about—this could be your doctoral research at whatever stage; a conference abstract or research proposal; an artist’s statement or personal biography; or something else;
  • personal accounts on some social media: Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Wordpress, LinkedIn, others…
Zoom Quick Guide
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Workshop tutor and host John Weston

John is a University Teacher of English at the Aalto Language Centre. John has a Ph.D. in the sociolinguistics of academic discourse, and he continues to research the use of English across the arts, humanities, and sciences. John is also qualified as a physics teacher in the UK and is interested in the popularization of science. In addition to coaching technical and artistic students in academic writing at Aalto, John is currently developing new online teaching methods, and researching the use of creative writing and speaking for academic purposes. He produces interview podcasts for the New Books Network and is currently developing a new series about life and work in academia.

Twitter: @johnwphd

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 Dr. Heidi Henrickson

Dr. Heidi Henrickson

Project Manager, Materials Platform
 Dr. John Weston

Dr. John Weston

English Teacher at the Aalto Language Centre
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