Online Talk: System Innovations for Business Sustainability

Save the date for online talk by Aalto University and Design Club. The event is part of Aalto University's Designs for Cooler Planet event.
Prof. Idil Gaziulusoy

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To adequately address sustainability challenges and climate change businesses need radical transformations. These will inevitably take a long time to unfold, and we need to start right now as the window of opportunity is closing fast. Businesses need new methods and tools for generation of long-term innovation strategies for transformation towards sustainable, post-carbon futures.

This means development of  ‘shadow track strategies’ so that short-term innovation can be aligned with long-term requirements. Currently the research at the intersection between business innovation and sustainability transformations is significantly underdeveloped. Idil Gaziulusoy’s research builds theory and practical tools to help businesses achieve alignment between design and innovation efforts with long-term societal visions through mediation of business strategy.

Get to know Idil Gaziulusoy

Assistant Professor, Sustainable Design

İdil Gaziulusoy is a design researcher with a PhD in sustainability science from University of Auckland, New Zealand. Her research is situated within the emerging area of design for sustainability transitions. She is interested in the new ways of designing and the agencies enabled, enacted and embodied by design that emerge in transformations/transitions contexts. In her work she develops theories, tools and methods to link the day to day activities and strategic decisions of design and innovation teams to the longer-term, systemic and radical transformations which need to take place at the societal level to achieve sustainability.

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Pirita Posti, Aalto University / Design Club, [email protected]

Piia Lehtinen, Designmuseum / Design Club, [email protected]

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