Northern Dimension Future Forum 2021

Adapting to COVID-19: Social innovations & policy measures

Join the Northern Dimension Future Forum 2021 and hear experts, decision-makers and stakeholders discuss the sustainability of the COVID-19 pandemic-induced social innovations and policy measures in the fields of transport and logistics, health and social wellbeing, and culture.
Northern Dimension Future Forum 2021

The ND Future Forum will take place at Aalto University, Finland, and online on Wednesday, December 1 at 13:00-17:00 (Helsinki time, CET+1).

See the programme on the Northern Dimension websiteIn the Forum, we shall hear international expert presentations and a panel that present and discuss COVID-19 pandemic-induced social innovations in the fields of transport and logistics, health and social wellbeing and cultural industries. Many of the innovations have environmental implications, as well.

The forum is a follow-up to the previous forum in 2020, as there will be a need to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic also in the future. In the Forum, we shall discuss what kind of bottom-up innovations have been developed, how viable they are, and how they have been met on the policy level.

The annual ND Future Forum enables open discussion and dissemination of the research-based solutions for future challenges with the ND area decision-makers.

The Future Forum gathers experts, decision-makers and stakeholders to exchange information on topics of relevance for the thematic Northern Dimension partnerships.

The ND Future Forum is organized by the Northern Dimension Institute / CEMAT.

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