Nordic Quantum Connection

An afternoon of Nordic quantum science and technology takes place on September 28!

As part of a two-day workshop, the Nordic Quantum Connection event offers a series of "Highlight Talks" where highly esteemed experts discuss what is happening in quantum science and technology. The Talks, held on Wednesday, September 28, are sure to be engaging and insightful for researchers, students and company representatives.

Join us to get the rundown on what's happening in quantum science and tech in the Nordic countries!
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Organised by InstituteQ, a collaboration between Aalto University, the University of Helsinki and VTT, the Nordic Quantum Connection event in a fantastic opportunity to get the rundown on what's happening in quantum-related fields in the Nordic countries.

From quantum computing to sensors to education, experts of all aspects of quantum science and tech gather to talk about what's new, what's coming up and how we got here!

The whole event is a two-day affair, with the second day being dedicated to workshopping between the invited industry professionals. The afternoon session of the first day is comprised of the so-called "Highlight Talks", which are open for everyone to attend. See the programme below:

Quantum Technology Highlights 28.9.

13:30    Coffee

13:45    Quantum simulation: research highlights, Sabrina Maniscalco, University of Helsinki

14:10    European Chip Act and Strategy for Quantum, Heiner Linke, Lund University

15:35    Quantum Life Science, Ebba Carbonnier, Swelife and Karolinska Institutet

16:00    Solid-State Spin Qubits, Jeroen Danon,Norwegian University of Science and Technology

16:25    Coffee break

16:55    Deterministic single-photon sources for quantum information processing, Peter Lodahl, Niels Bohr Institute

17:20    Quantum education highlights, Caterina Foti,Aalto University

17:45    Industrial collaboration highlights, Peter Krogstrup, Niels Bohr Institute

18:10    Closing remarks

Join us at the Discovery conference room at Scandic Hotel Park in Helsinki on September 28 for an afternoon of everything quantum! The event is free to attend.

InstituteQ. Photo: Jorden Senior.

InstituteQ – The Finnish Quantum Institute

InstituteQ coordinates quantum technology research, education and innovation across Finland

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