NODUSTalks Multispecies Sustainability

NODUS TALKS series is organized by the NODUS Sustainable Design Research Group of Aalto University, bringing together researchers and practitioners on topics relevant to design, innovation and sustainability. For Designs for a Cooler Planet and Helsinki Design Week 2021, presenters Emilija Veselova and EIisa Vainio discuss Multispecies Sustainability, followed by a panel discussion, both held in English.
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Nodus Talks
Emilija Veselova | Photo by Gabriel Saban

Emilija Veselova

Emilija Veselova is a doctoral candidate in the NODUS Sustainable Design Research Group in the Department of Design, Aalto University. She has a strong theoretical and practical background in a collaborative and participatory design approach that she has applied in projects in the business, academic and the non-governmental sectors. Emilija talks about her ongoing doctoral research titled, "Designing with Nature for Sustainability".

In this project, she investigates how natural entities, such as individual organisms and ecosystems, can be included in collaborative and participatory design and decision-making processes. Her view is that every project has implications for natural being, systems and sustainability. Yet, she also sees how current formulations of design provide little support and training for a designer to consider in everyday projects. During the talk, Emilija provides a glimpse into the conceptual and methodological framework she is developing.


Elisa Vainio
Elisa Vainio | Photo by Laura Oja

Elisa Vainio

Elisa Vainio is working as a Project Manager at the Baltic Sea Action Group focusing on regenerative agriculture and international soil collaboration. She has received a PhD in Environmental Science from the University of Helsinki, where her research concerned greenhouse gases in forests and urban green areas.

In her presentation, she presents the Carbon Action platform. Carbon Action is a Finnish platform that develops and researches ways of accelerating soil carbon sequestration and verifying the results scientifically. It also works with farmers to spread regenerative farming practices for better yields, and climate change and biodiversity loss mitigation. There are 100 committed farms, several research projects and companies involved. Also, there are some 1000 famers in the Carbon Action club. Carbon Action is led by the Baltic Sea Action Group, and the Finnish Meteorological Institute coordinates the research.


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Designs for a Cooler Planet 2021

Resource Wisdom - Designs for a Cooler Planet 2021

Helsinki Design Week 2021 has landed in Otaniemi, showcasing three paths to resource wisdom

Radical ideas and prototypes contributing to a resource-wise future. The exhibitions and online lectures are open to everyone, and they belong to the official Helsinki Design Week programme.

Loving environments visual theme

Loving Environments

Construction gobbles up half of the world’s natural resources. Collaboration between scientists, designers, architects, the public sector and companies generates ideas that can make living environments and the construction industry more sustainable.

Better to Wear exhibition visual

Better to Wear

We get dressed each and every day: clothes protect us and help us express ourselves. We can dress better when we re-design the whole textile process from manufacturing to use to recycling.

Infinite materials theme visual

Infinite Materials

We need to radically cut our consumption of materials and energy by creating materials that are not just renewable but forever reusable.


The event is a part of Helsinki Design Week’s official festival programme and Year of Research-Based Knowledge. Aalto University is one of the EU's New European Bauhaus partners. 

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NODUS Sustainable Design

Nodus tutkimusryhmäläisiä keskustelemassa

NODUS – Sustainable Design Research Group

NODUS Sustainable Design Research Group undertakes transdisciplinary design research for sustainable futures.

Department of Design

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