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Ever wondered what all you could do in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality? How to measure and observe how people respond and interact in virtual and naturalistic contexts? Is it possible to meet virtually, to see, hear, touch and smell, as if the other people were in the same space with you? 

In October, we launched a series of events for the MAGICS-Aalto community. The third monthly event takes place in the Odeion theatre (room 2007), Maarintie 8, Otaniemi, on 17 February at 16:00–18:00. 

Our purpose is to bring together people from different backgrounds and inspire new encounters and new ideas through high-level speakers and performers, as well as possibility for open and free discussion. 



16:00 Welcome and introductions
Mikko Sams, Professor of Neuroscience, Brain and Mind Laboratory Director of MAGICS, Aalto University 

16:05 Music and emotions, a composer’s view with psychoacoustic twist
Professor Ville Pulkki, School of Electrical Engineering, Aalto University

17:00 Discussion

17:30 Refreshments

Professor Ville Pulkki

Ville Pulkki is a professor of acoustics in Aalto School of Electrical Engineering. He has also a quite wide background in performing arts, including studies of several musical instruments, singing, street-, jazz-, and ballet dancing, acting, and music composing. He studied music for three years in Sibelius Academy in the department of musical education.

Mikko Sams

Mikko Sams is a professor of cognitive neuroscience in Aalto University and academic leader of MAGICS-Aalto and coordinator of the MAGICS infrastructure. He has studied neural mechanisms of human cognitive functions, from sensory processing to complex cognitive functions and experiences. In his research, he is focusing on the measurement of human experiences under naturalistic conditions and developing this research field in MAGICS-Aalto.

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MAGICS – Media – Arts – Games – Interaction – Computing – Science

MAGICS is an infrastructure network to support research into motion recording, and virtual environments. It is a joint effort of Aalto University, Tampere University and the University of the Arts Helsinki.

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MAGICS-infrastruktuuri mahdollistaa virtuaalitodellisuuden hyödyntämisen muun muassa taiteellisissa esityksissä. Kuva: Aalto Studios.

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The Aalto Networking Platform brings together research expertise across departments, supporting collaboration both inside and outside of Aalto.

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