Lecture: Practical tips on PhD supervision for thesis advisors

Lecture by Dr. Pekka Belt
CS_defence photo by Matti Ahlgren

During the past ten years, Dr. Pekka Belt has given lectures and longer courses in many Finnish universities for doctoral students, from different fields, on writing doctoral dissertations and scientific articles. He has also run a three-year project where he helped doctoral students with their efforts to write articles or the entire dissertation. Cumulatively Pekka has been in contact with thousands of doctoral students and heard their thoughts on supervision. In this lecture, Pekka will share what he has heard from the doctoral students and will give practical tips to PhD thesis advisors on how to time-efficiently improve supervision.


  • typical challenges experienced by doctoral students
  • how to improve the PhD process
  • how to speed up doctoral students’ learning process
  • practical tips to PhD thesis advisors

The lecture is open for PhD thesis advisors in all schools of Aalto University.


Emma Holmlund, emma.holmlund [at]

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