INTERACT Summer School: Harnessing the Power of Interactions for Lignocellulosics Design

We are delighted to announce that FinnCERES Flagship is organising INTERACT Summer School to uncover the power of interactions in the lignocellulosic materials. The Summer School will be held in Hotel Korpilampi, Espoo, Finland on 4-8 September 2023

The course aims to give the participants insights into the chemistry and properties of lignocellulosics, focusing on how their interfacial interactions can be harnessed in advanced materials engineering. The course will explore covalent and non-covalent modification of lignocellulose components and give an overview of instrumental techniques for their characterisation focusing on surface sensitive techniques. Furthermore, the course will provide a broadened understanding of the decisive role of interactions in various materials such as hydrogels, films, emulsions, and composites, to name a few. In addition, the course will highlight examples of current research on novel materials for the bioeconomy.

Don't miss this great opportunity to deepen your knowledge about the interactions in lignocellulosic systems.

For more information and the program details, please visit the event news item at FinnCERES website.

To participate in the INTERACT summer school, please register here.


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