InstituteQ Colloquium: Prof. Paola Verrucchi

The InstituteQ colloquiums continue with a special talk on the importance of going beyond the usual framework and mindset in scientific research by prof. Paola Verrucchi of CNR Institute of Complex Systems

The next InstituteQ colloquium takes place on Friday, March 17, at 3 pm in Oodi Library's Maijansali in Helsinki!

The guest speaker is professor Paola Verrucchi, a researcher in physics at the CNR Institute of Complex Systems, associated with the Florence section of the INFN and the Physics and Astronomy Department of the University of Florence. Her research activity concerns the theoretical physics of quantum systems.

Paola Verrucchi will present some thoughts on the importance of going beyond the usual framework and mindset in scientific research. Quantum mechanics will serve as a case study, in reference to the way it revolutionises our view upon the relation between what we perceive and how we describe it. By freeing us from established patterns, quantum mechanics has allowed us to embrace new ways of thinking, unlocking new technological possibilities, and advancing our understanding of what is around us. The role of curiosity and intuition in driving innovation and discovery, and the importance of collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches to tackle complex problems will also be discussed.

This is a special iteration of the colloquium series as it takes place as part of the Quantum Art Jam event. You are more than welcome to attend both the colloquim and see what the Art Jam has to offer!

Join us on March 17 at Oodi - refreshments will be served!


Quantum Art Jam

Artists and quantum physicists combine forces in the Quantum Art Jam, creating new ways to experience the quantum world. Join us on Friday, March 17th at the Oodi Library!

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