InstituteQ Colloquium - Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek

Welcome to InstituteQ's first colloquium of 2022!

InstituteQ is the foremost Finnish quantum community formed by Aalto University, the University of Helsinki and VTT. They are now organizing a series of colloquiums to bring like-minded professionals and students together to both learn and reconnect. The series kicks off on Friday, May 27, at 2 p.m., when Professor Frank Wilczek gives his talk about quasi-particles and quasi-worlds at Aalto University! You can join the colloquium both on-site and online.

Professor Frank Wilczek, recipient of both the Nobel Prize in Physics and the MacArthur Fellowship, is no stranger to creative and imaginative thinking in theoretical physics. From asymptotic freedom to axions to time crystals, Professor Wilczek has always been working with transformative ideas.

In his talk at InstituteQ's colloquium, Professor Wilczek uses techniques originally developed to describe the world to radically re-invent it. With quasi-particles, Prof. Wilczek argues, we can image new possibilities and arrangements for matter from within, leading eventually to so-called quasi-worlds.

The event is particularly geared for members of the scientific community who share an interest in quantum science and technology. Enthusiasts with a general understanding of the field will also find the event both engaging and instructive.

The talk takes place at Saab Auditorium in Otaniemi, Espoo (street address is Maarintie 8). Refreshments will be served.

Sign up by May 25th by using our Webropol.

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