Honorary Doctorate Lecture: Jussi Pesonen

You are warmly welcome to Honorary Doctorate Lecture, given by Jussi Pesonen, President & CEO of UPM Corporation.
Jussi Pesonen
Jussi Pesonen

Honorary Doctorate Lecture

Opening, Dean Kristiina Kruus

Jussi Pesonen, President & CEO of UPM-Kymmene Corporation

”Forest industry for future”

Closing, Dean Kristiina Kruus


Aalto University will declare seven new Honorary Doctors of Science in Technology in June.

Jussi Pesonen has worked as the President & CEO of UPM Corporation since January 2004. He has also served on the company’s Board of Directors since March 2007. In addition, he serves as the Chairman of the Board of Finland Chamber of Commerce and ICC Finland as well as the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation, where he is also a member of the working committee. He is also a Board member at the Confederation of European Paper Industries and the East Office of Finnish Industries Oy. Pesonen served on the Board of the Helsinki University of Technology in 2008–09.

Jussi Pesonen has significantly promoted UPM-Aalto cooperation in the forest-based sector. Over the last 10 years, the forest products industry has undergone substantial changes that have had an impact on the economy as well as on the provision of related education. The research collaboration between Aalto University and UPM led to the establishment of the joint UPM, Aalto and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland venture the Finnish Centre for Nanocellulosic Technologies in 2008. In just three years, this research centre developed into a global leader with the aid of basic and applied research. UPM and Aalto University have together developed new sustainable materials and many lectures and several Master’s theses in the industrial fields have demonstrated the important role played by this company also in education. 

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