Helsinki Design Week 2021 lands in Otaniemi in September, showcasing three paths to resource wisdom

What kinds of design do future generations need? Luxurious biocolours from fields, wearable solar cells and a lot more. Take a look into the future!
Resource Wisdom - Designs for a Cooler Planet 2021
Graphic design: Aino Salonen & Oona Raadelma

Resource wisdom means using raw materials, energy, products, time, or facilities with care. Wise designs respect our future: they advance wellbeing and carefully consider the impacts of our current choices on future generations, society and biodiversity.

In Finland, our close relationship with nature is combined with high technological and design expertise. Complex problems are solved by collaborating across disciplines and organisational boundaries. Curious experiments can, for example, lead to clothing made of solar cells or luxurious colours from the fields.

Under three subthemes, Designs for a Cooler Planet presents glimpses of a wiser future with thirty of Aalto's research-based projects. Come and experience these cool prototypes for yourself! Everyone is also welcome to participate in our online events

The event is an official part of Helsinki Design Week, New European Bauhaus and Year of Research-based Knowledge 2021 programmes.

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Other Kinds of Fashion design: Sofia Ilmonen photo_ Juho Huttunen
Hyères fashion competition finalist Sofia Ilmonen's modular design. Photo: Juho Huttunen

Better to Wear

We get dressed each and every day: clothes protect us and allow us to express ourselves. Synthetic textiles, dyes and treatments have made clothing inexpensive but harmful to the environment.

We can dress better when we re-design the whole textile process from manufacturing to use to recycling. Fascinating experiments will be on show: luxurious natural colors, new aesthetics of sustainable dressing, wearable solar cells and much more.


Wood Wonders exhibition's wooden scale models: Photo: Tiina Toivola
Wooden scale models: Photo: Tiina Toivola

Loving Environments

Care for our shared environment enriches nature, local identities and our well-being. Diversity requires harmony with our natural and cultural heritage, as well as a caring attitude towards common habitats.

When we develop our living environments wisely, animals and plants also thrive. What kind of architecture suits the delicate Arctic areas? What amazing designs can we build out of wood? What does culturally sensitive and planet-centric architecture and design mean? What new design tools have we developed to take these perspectives into account?

Biomaterials Photo: Eeva Suorlahti
Biomaterials Photo: Eeva Suorlahti

Infinite Materials

Our aim is to develop materials that are not disposable, but rather renewable and forever reusable through circulation.

We need to make sure that we consume resources within our planetary boundaries, minimise material and energy consumption, and favour recycled and renewable materials. Come and see promising concepts like microbial mobile phone shells and foam wood, which is a sustainable insulation and packaging material. At the same time, find out what can be made of the forest industry's by-product lignin polymer.

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