"Hamistagan" at FLASH2 light art biennale


Liisi Soroush (New Media design and production) and Camilo Sánchez (Sound in New Media alumni), together with Kaappo Lähdesmäki exhibit their work "Hamistagan" at FLASH2 light art biennale in Suomenlinna.

"Hamistagan" elaborates surveillance, attention economy, opacity, and economical shift based on intellectual property. While this interactive installation is situated in area connotated to the history of the wartimes, it contemplates the current forms of oppression on the information age. "Hamistagan" adds real-time #flash2 data scraping from Instagram to illustrate the dialogues between now and then. While Dadaism and Abstract Expressionism served as artistic forms of overcoming the postwar condition, now with realms of selfies and hashtags of social media - especially after the era of terrorist acts - prosumers express: "I'm here, I'm ok". Special thanks to Jyri Lahelma, Flash2 festival crew and recent inspirational discussions at Department of Media Doctoral School led by Professor of New Media Lily Diaz and its guest speaker artist Hasan Elahi. Also to Open Knowledge of Finland and The Reporters without Borders for the in-depth learning curve within the thematics. 

The light art biennale's second edition will be open to public November 1st to 10th 2019 in Suomenlinna fortress island of Helsinki, Finland. 
Opening times:
Nov 1st, 5-9 pm
Nov 2nd, 4-10 pm, Viaporin Kekri festival
Nov 3rd, 5-9 pm
Nov 6th, 5-9 pm
Nov 8th, 5-9 pm
Nov 9th, 5-9 pm
Nov 10th, 5-9 pm

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