Friday Night LIVE: Reaching for the Stars

How far can we reach beyond Earth? What will we find out there? What can space teach us?
Friday Night LIVE

How far can we reach beyond Earth?
What will we find out there?
What can space teach us?

Space has always sparked our curiosity and imagination, but the universe has been very good at hiding its secrets. Thanks to the tireless work of scientists and brave explorers around the world, we now know more, and see further than ever before.

Come and join us for a journey out there!

Let us turn your Thursday evening into a Friday Night LIVE! A mind-blowing and emotional live show in which Aalto University’s leading space experts will reveal their thoughts on some of the most profound cosmic questions and the possible solutions already at hand. Professors Esa Kallio, Anne Lähteenmäki and Jaan Praks, entrepreneur Bruce Clayhills and the head of Metsähovi Radio Observatory, Joni Tammi, together with our luminous hostess Oona Kallela and house band Polirytmi will make the night a magical experience!

We warmly welcome you to join us on a journey where only one thing is certain – we will find more questions than answers, questions we didn’t even know how to ask!

For more information:
Elina Karvonen, Advancement and corporate engagement
[email protected]
050 364 1446

Aalto University’s space research is groundbreaking. Right now, we are fundraising for a new radio receiver for Metsähovi Radio Observatory, which is the only astronomical radio observatory in Finland. Metsähovi's main instrument is a 14-metre radio telescope which is used around the clock, every day of the year for studying active galaxies, the Sun and the rotation of the Earth, among other things. 

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