Feel the Future Field Trip: Kierrätyskeskus & Circular Economy

The field trip for alumni and students takes us to Kierrätyskeskus, Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre under the theme of circular economy and the future of sustainable work.

Career Design Lab's autumn includes interesting encounters as various organisations monthly present their future visions of sustainable work. Join the tour and get to know the organisations that are making an insightful and sustainable future. 

The field trip in October takes us to Kierrätyskeskus, Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre. There our Aalto Alumni Network Board member Isabella Haas, HUB business community pollinator, will host us under the theme of circular economy and the future of sustainable work.

Circular economy thinking enables the creation of new business opportunities and jobs. In the future, it will become the core of organisations’ business strategy and actions. It will have an impact on the management, as well as every employee. 

Local entrepreneurs who participate in the Shops2Hubs project create a waste free future with the power of their community. (in Finnish)

Kierrätyskeskus is a non-profit organisation working towards a better community enabling sustainable lifestyle and preserving natural resources. All profit from the Kierrätyskeskus is used to further the organisation’s socially and environmentally responsible actions and goals. Almost all employees participate in training that helps them to act responsibly, recognise environmental impact and understand the core drivers behind the business.

Kierrätyskeskus aspires to benefit the community by increasing environmental awareness among people, companies and organisations around the Helsinki metropolitan area. It provides environmental education and consulting services to 60,000 children, adolescents, adults and educators each year. As a social enterprise it offers job experience, career opportunities and new or sharpened skills for people in different life situations.

The Field Trip includes learning about Shops2Hubs, hub premises and entrepreneurs. The tour takes us to the store and sorting at Nihtisilta, as well as Plan B workshops, a unique line of fab upcycled products locally handmade using only recycled materials

Place: Kierrätyskeskus (Reuse Centre), Kutojantie 3, Espoo  

Tour times and hosts:  

  1. at 14-15 (Isabella Haas & Anu Rissanen)
  2. at 15.30-16.30 (Isabella Haas & Anu Rissanen)
  3. at 17-18 (In English, Isabella Haas)

The tour group can hold 10 people so that we can keep safe distances on the tour.

First two tours will be in Finnish and the last one in English.  

Join us in discovering the future possibilities living in a circular economy has to offer.  

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Susanna Ritala

Susanna Ritala

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