Feel the Future Dialogues

The transformation of work challenges us all to rethink our careers. Feel the Future Dialogues is an event series that offers expert insights and engaging dialogue for creative envisioning of the future. Learn from Asta Raami, PhD, how to harness your intuition and feel your way towards meaningful work!
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Feel the Future Dialogues is a new biannual event series to inspire reflection and dialogue on sustainable careers. Organized by the Career Design Lab, it brings together students, alumni, partners and friends of Aalto University for expert insights and new perspectives to envision a meaningful future of work.

This virtual event consists of two parts: a keynote and facilitated dialogues.


9:00 Opening: Career Design Lab

9:05 Keynote: Asta Raami, PhD

Dare to harness your human brilliance

From the perspective of intuition, impossible problems do not exist. There is only inability to see the solutions. The human mind is equipped for brilliance. When harnessing the potential of intuition, we are able to invent unseen novelties, to solve impossible problems and to envision the future. In this keynote, Asta Raami shares methods of harnessing intuition and evaluating intuitive information.

10:00 Break

10:15 Introduction to dialogue: Elina Henttonen, D.Sc.

10:25 Dialogues on how to enhance meaningfulness of work

Small groups inn English and Finnish facilitated by dialogue leaders

11:50 Wrap up & take-aways

12:00 Closing

Picture of Asta Raami
Kuva: Kirsi Tuura

Asta Raami, PhD

Asta Raami is an intuition researcher, educator and author. She defended her PhD Thesis on the development of intuition in creative processes in 2015 (Aalto University Media Lab, Finland). Asta has worked 15 years altogether in the academic field and written several books on the use of intuition as a factor in expertise and the general skills of work life, as well as on harnessing the potential of intuition in visionary and radical innovations. In Finland, intuitive information is acknowledged in the national curriculum, and in relation to this Asta educates teaching staff in integrating intuition in pedagogy at the University of Helsinki.

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Engage in dialogue

After the keynote, we will divide into smaller groups for facilitated dialogues. The purpose of the dialogues is to discuss ways to enhance meaningfulness of work in the volatile and uncertain future. The dialogues offer a space for sharing experiences, examining our assumptions and learning from others.

Dialogue is a form of conversation that emphasizes understanding, active listening and equal participation. No one is an expert and every voice counts.

By engaging in dialogue, we can open up to new possibilities and envision a more meaningful future.

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