Exhibition opening: Other Pasts

exhibition opening

Welcome to the opening of Other Pasts — exhibition at the Kipsari lobby this Thursday 5.12, 17.15 onwards.

Other Pasts has been turning on the archive, finding clues and hints, recycling the past and making it anew, sensing their way across many o’formats of uncoated paper sheets, resting their eyes in wonder on the brighter than the sun inks, coming across the wonders of Kontula (open for those who know how to look), awed by the imagination in the smuggled drawings of the red prisoners and the feeling embedded in pioneer children’s fanzines.

Come and take a look at the findings.

With Amelie Scharffetter, Amy Gelera, Eirunn Kvalnes, Janne K., João Emediato, Krista Blomqvist and Olli Korpela — a project initiated by Kaisa Lassinaro, VCD designer-in-residence.

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