Defence of doctoral thesis in the field of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering, M.Sc. Sergei Tugin

Title of the doctoral thesis is "TMS and EEG in the study of human brain dynamics"

The neural processes in the brain predetermine nearly all human behavior and functions such as emotions, memory, and locomotor movements. Notwithstanding the centuries of investigation and application of the most progressive technologies, we are still far away from a comprehensive understanding of the processes that underlay routine activities.

In my Thesis work, I used the most innovative noninvasive techniques, such as advanced transcranial magnetic stimulation, combined with electroencephalography, to stimulate and record the responses from the human brain. The primary goal of my studies was to investigate the mechanisms of the brain during the processing of rare visual signals and to estimate the sensitivity of different neuronal populations to the orientation of the electric field that stimulates them. Additionally, the current Thesis addresses the question of what role the electric field stimulation plays during the activation of different neuronal populations in the brain. The results that were obtained during this work are not limited to scientific interest, but can also be used in clinical practice

Opponent: Doctor Jari Karhu, Satucon Ltd., Finland

Custos: Professor Risto Ilmoniemi, Aalto University School of Science, Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering

Contact details of the doctoral candidate: [email protected], +358505124508

The defence will be organized via Zoom. Link to the event

The doctoral thesis will be publicly displayed 10 days before the defence in the publication archive of Aalto University.

Electronic doctoral thesis

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