Defence of doctoral thesis in the field of industrial engineering and management, Rubén Vicente Saéz

Title of the doctoral thesis is "Open science in the digital era"

What is open science?
What is open in open science?
What is the new role of researchers in the digital era?

New digital technologies and tools, together with evolving open physical and digital infrastructures, have disrupted the openness of the institution of open science in the digital era. They have introduced unprecedented possibilities and challenges to instantly, interactively, collaboratively, and responsibly perform science around the world.

This doctoral dissertation is aimed at a philosophical, sociological, and economic conceptualization of the normative structure of open science in the digital era, as well as revealing its impact on the established governance of research and innovation at universities. It analyses the foundations of the institution of open science, the evolution of its openness, and the transformation of the institution in the digital era.

This doctoral dissertation lays the philosophical, sociological, and economic foundations of an expansive institution of open science in the digital era. The definition of open science presented provides a comprehensive view of the streams of knowledge on the institution. The expansive normative structure of open science – its goal, norms, and practices – articulates the institution and provides a robust framework for its theoretical analysis in the digital era. This doctoral dissertation also identifies a new academic entrepreneurial ethos that advances the role of researchers at universities. Additionally, this doctoral dissertation provides the grounds for understanding how the institution of open science is shaping open innovation at universities in the digital era. Open science is expanding and laying the foundations of open exploration, an expansive model of university research and innovation in the digital era. In addition, this doctoral dissertation provides novel insights into and important suggestions regarding the advancement of open science, innovation policies, and governance reforms at universities, as well as open science recommendations, policies, programmes, and actions for enhancing a sustainable economy, society, and environment in the digital era. Finally, this doctoral dissertation presents three possible building blocks for advancing the opening of science to advance developments towards a sustainable world.

Opponents: Professor Sascha Friesike, Berlin University of the Arts, Germany 
Doctor Yves Punie, European Commission, Belgium
Professor Manuela Pardo del Val, University of Valencia, Spain

Custos: Professor Robin Gustafsson, Aalto University School of Science, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Finland and
Professor Clara Martínez Fuentes, Department of Business Management, University of Valencia, Spain

Contact details of the doctoral candidate: [email protected]

The public defence will be organised at University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain and via Zoom:

The dissertation is publicly displayed 10 days before the defence in the publication archive Aaltodoc of Aalto University

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