Defence of doctoral thesis in the field of Industrial Electronics and Electric Drives, M.Sc.(Tech.) F.M. Mahafugur Rahman

Towards a 100% renewable energy future

M.Sc.(Tech.) F.M. Mahafugur Rahman will defend the thesis "Weak-grid tolerant control methods for voltage-source converters" on 22 June 2021 at 12:15 in Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation.

Opponent: Prof. Paolo Mattavelli, University of Padova, Italy
Supervisor: Prof. Marko Hinkkanen, Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation

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The utilization of distributed and renewable energy sources, such as solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind energy systems, could provide a sustainable future in the power and energy sectors. To integrate these energy sources into the electric grid, voltage-source converters are increasingly used. Electrical grids are becoming more difficult to control due to increased converter-converter and converter-grid interactions. Therefore, appropriate control methods are required for the reliable and stable operation of the grid-connected voltage-source converter systems.

This thesis deals with weak-grid tolerant control methods for voltage-source converters. Due to a large grid impedance behind the point of common coupling, achieving stability and good dynamic performance is often challenging when the converters are connected to weak grids. In this thesis, two different real-time control methods are studied focusing on weak grids. The developed control methods provide stable operation from strong grid conditions to very weak grid conditions. Moreover, a good dynamic performance can be achieved without changing the tuning of the control system. The developed methods were evaluated by means of analyses, simulations, and experiments. The control methods can be applied in industrial applications, for example, in solar PV and wind turbine systems, as well as the active front-ends of motor drives.

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