Defence of dissertation in the field of Networking Technology M.Sc. (Tech.) Riku Luostarinen

Title of the thesis is “On improving usability and network management of challenging systems”

Challenging systems are network systems that are used in intermittently connected networks with high delays and high packet loss. In these networks, the messaging is based on concepts of Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN), and the characteristics and the typical operating environment of the systems strongly affect the messaging, and the usability and network management of the systems.

This thesis focuses on improving usability and network management of challenging systems. Further, the thesis focuses on systems with human operators – such as the ones used by emergency and resiliency operations, and the military – in which the messaging has an essential and critical role for a human user in comparison to, e.g., DTN sensor networks. The thesis approaches the topic from a user-centered perspective and introduces solutions that enable users to manage challenging systems, make management easier for the users, and improve the usability of the systems.

The thesis strongly draws from applied research and focuses on research questions that are based on identified problems of real-world systems. The thesis introduces technical solutions, UI design principles, and UI testing methods that can be used to improve the usability of the systems. Further, the thesis presents network management solutions that enable the users to manage the system both on the node level and on the system level.

Opponent: Professor Hannu Kari, The Finnish National Defence University, Finland

Custos: Professor Jukka Manner,  Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Communications and Networking.

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Contact information: Riku Luostarinen, [email protected], +358 40 5419011

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