Defence of dissertation in the field of Networking Technology, M.Sc. (Tech.) Marcin Nagy

The title of thesis is “Secure and Usable Services in Opportunistic Networks”

The last 10 years of Internet development have been dominated by the growing popularity of cloud computing and online social networks. These enable to massively reduce the cost of building new services and create new ones based on available social information. At the same time, they also create a very centralized Internet structure, in which all data are stored in a cloud and communication goes through the cloud as well, which is not always optimal. These further lead to growing concerns about ownership of data stored in the cloud and existing security mechanisms to protect it. These concerns are strengthened by a recent number of highly publicized scandals involving leaks of personal data, (in)famous Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal and fears of data censorship by some oppressive governments.

The current state of the art creates a niche for development of services that do not need to depend on the cloud presence. For example, services whose interests are limited to a particular physical location (e.g., shopping mall). This dissertation explores the possibilities of increasing security and people’s engagement in such environments. The first part of it provides tools for efficient and secure discovery of common things among nearby people. The second part focuses on tools for building advanced web applications that can operate in a fully localized environment without the cloud dependency. The contributions of this dissertation can lead to creation of easy to develop, secure and socially-aware localized services. Similar security tools, albeit simpler and probably less secure, have been recently developed for Google Photos and Facebook Dating, which speaks for the relevance of the research.

Opponent: Dr. Kevin Fall, Roland Computing Services, USA

Custos: Professor Jörg Ott, Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Communications and Networking.

Thesis webpage

Contact information: Marcin Nagy, CALLSTATS I/O Oy, [email protected]

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