Defence of Dissertation in the field of Indoor Environment Technology, Esa Halmetoja, M.Sc. (Tech.)

The title of dissertation is "Improving perceived indoor conditions using building information models and field data"
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The title of the dissertation is "Improving perceived indoor conditions using building information models and field data" 

Opponent: Professor Brian Atkin, Lund University, Sweden

Supervisor: Professor Heidi Salonen, Aalto University, School of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering

Doctoral candidate’s contact information: Esa Halmetoja, [email protected] 

The public defense will be organized via Zoom link Meeting ID: 678 4518 2733

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Indoor air problems in buildings are often accompanied by uncertainty and concern experienced by occupants. At the same time, the amount of digital information in buildings is growing as building information models (BIMs), occupant feedback solutions, and accurate condition measurements become more common. Models for collecting, analysing and utilising digital information are just emerging in buildings. For example, BIMs are not yet widely used in property maintenance or occupant services.

This dissertation presents an IT environment in which measured condition information and user feedback are combined with BIM and distributed to different parties to achieve business benefits. The dissertation shows that by combining the collected data with BIM can speed up the response to problems and improve the perceived indoor conditions. Open data allows proactive property maintaining, which reduces the fault frequency, prolongs the technical systems' service life and reduces the number of interruptions. It also enables the introduction of new types of business models.

A doctoral dissertation is a public document and shall be available at the latest 10 days prior to public defence.

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