Defence in the field of engineering physics, Teemu Myllymäki, M.Sc.

Learning how to be tough from naturally occurring materials
Defence of dissertation, M.Sc. Teemu Myllymäki

Teemu Myllymäki, M.Sc.,will defend the dissertation "Biomimetic Designs by Supramolecular Constructs" on Friday 4 January 2019 at 12 noon at the Aalto University School of Science, lecture hall TU2, Maarintie 8, Espoo. In the dissertation, the toughening and strengthening nanostructures found in naturally occurring materials were applied to synthetic materials.

Opponent: Professor Rint Sijbesma, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

Custos: Professor Olli Ikkala, Aalto University School of Science, Department of Applied Physics

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