Data Vitality: Open Call for Exhibition

This open call is open to Aalto students, staff and researchers to submit proposals for inclusion in an exhibition at Dipoli Gallery and Online from November 2021-February 2022.
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Open Call: Works for Exhibition

Deadline: 16:00 Friday 8th October 2021

'Data Vitality' is an exhibition exploring the data economy, data ownership, digital subjectivity, and the regulation and social impact of data practices on research and education.

Aalto students, staff and researchers from all schools can submit works for inclusion in an exhibition at Dipoli Gallery and Online from November 2021-February 2022.

This open call is seeking to include existing works as part of this exhibition which engage with the material and conceptual frameworks of the datavization of society and environment. While the quantity of data being generated, captured and traded is ever-increasing, new narratives are emerging which treat data as analagous to natural resources such as water and oil, bringing with it the inherent implications of extraction, circulation and economy. As with any resource, complexities arise from the real and speculative potential of rendering our bodies, movements, labour, research, environments, finances and desires machine-readable and reusable. In what ways are we reliant on the capture of data and readings for solving issues of scale and sustainability in climate change, global pandemics, cybersecurity and novel materials. How much of ourselves exist as datavised subjects and how important is data literacy in understanding your data rights and intellectual property?

This exhibition will select and connect interdisciplinary perspectives on how data infrastructures and data economies are being formed globally and how these policies will shape technology and innovation in society as well as research and creative practices in academia. Both digital and physical works are accepted.

The works should already be completed. If assistance is required with installation details, please include this in your submission. 

#softinfrastructure #humancentricdata #opendata #datarights #dataethics #datamining #dataeconomy #datadriven #FAIRprinciples #algorithmicgovernance #quantumcomputing #greenICT #digitalheritage #datavizualisation

Deadline: 16:00 Friday 8th October 2021

Email to [email protected] / subject line: ‘Data Vitality Open Call - Name of Applicant’

Please send the application by email as ONE SINGLE PDF attachment (not exceeding 10MB in size) which includes all supporting material as inserted images and live hyperlinks.

The application PDF should include:

  1. Name and contact details

  2. Work title + format 

  3. Work description (100 words maximum)

    1. 2-5 images of the work (can be stills, renderings, screenshots, photo documentation)

    2. Live hyperlinks for digital/online works (for video or audio links please use vimeo, youtube, soundcloud)

    3. Technicals Specs: dimensions/ratio/mounts/display etc

    4. Bio (50 word maximum. Should include school, department, study programme at Aalto)

Deadline: 16:00 Friday 8th October 2021


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